The Best Things In Life

Posted on: April 11, 2013

The saying is true.  The best things in life are free.  Friendship and love are two things that are incredible!  And both must be freely given.  If they aren’t, then it isn’t friendship and love.  For me,  baking is a way to show my love to my friends.  I love baking.  It could be my love of carbs and sugar but I love to bake.  I don’t understand when someone says they don’t like sweets.  DOES NOT COMPUTE!  How can someone not like sweets?  But I don’t like mushrooms or black olives, maybe it is the same kind of thing.

Last week I posted a couple of baking recipes, one for M&M Cookies and one for Sweet Potato Bread.  You can check out last week’s post for reviews on both!  During this past week, a customer dropped off a crate of raspberries and blackberries at my husband’s workplace.  So he brought some home and asked, “can you do anything with these?”  My first thought was my favorite Berry Cakes with Cinnamon Whipped Cream.  However I didn’t feel like whipping cream and I wanted to try something new. (Though these cakes are marvelous and super easy to prepare.)

So I did what anyone would do, I searched Pinterest.  I love being able to see pictures of the recipes first.  After filtering through a few different posts I came across this one for Mixed Berry Clafoutis. (I think you say it like clay-foo-tee, I don’t really know.)  This recipe looked easy enough, it came from an amazing blogger who created both the M&M Cookie recipe and the Sweet Potato Bread, and I had everything on hand.  Let me tell you—these are AMAZING!!!  Such a fancy name for such an easy dessert!  I think I used too many berries in mine, I know I used over the two cups that was called for in the recipe.  And they could have been cut in half.  It doesn’t really matter.  They are delectable and delicious served both warm as intended and completely cold straight from the fridge.  TRY THEM TODAY!!!!!

Mixed Berry Clafoutis

Mixed Berry Clafoutis

And while you are munching on these tasty little goodies, check out these ideas for dinner:



SMOOTHIE: Peach Monster Smoothie

DINNER: new recipe alert!!!  We are going to try Pizza Arrabbiata from this month’s Cooking Light Magazine.  Spicy pizza with pancetta sounds like a win to me!  I will serve a mixed green salad with balsamic vinaigrette alongside.



SMOOTHIE: Slammin Sunrise Green Smoothie

Slammin Sunrise Berry Blast Monster Smoothie

Slammin Sunrise Berry Blast Monster Smoothie

DINNER: My husband has a class on this day so we it will be a little bit of a mix and match meal.  Everyone will get an artichoke for dinner.  I have a huge pot that I am able to steam 3-4 artichokes in.  I love it.  I serve artichokes with my everything sauce (recipe to follow).  To go along with the artichokes I will have Banging Shrimp, I will make my husband a burger slider, and my son will get a corn dog.  Favorites all around!

EVERYTHING SAUCE (I can eat this with almost everything!)

Equal parts sour cream and mayonnaise, blended chipotles in adobo to taste, a pinch of salt and a splash of lime juice.  Stir together until combined.  It can be eaten immediately but is better over time.



SMOOTHIE: Banana Fudge Smoothie with a touch of peanut butter

DINNER:  My husband had a meat guy come by his work last week.  This is the third time this salesman has stopped by.  The first time we were a bit skeptical but we still purchased some salami and summer sausage.

Salami, Summer Sausage and Crusty Bread

Salami, Summer Sausage and Crusty Bread

OMG!!!  This meat is amazing!!  The second time the guy stopped by we just got summer sausage.  We were still working on the salami chunk.  My son LOVES the summer sausage.  So this time we grabbed two summer sausages since we go through it so fast.  We just finished the salami but opted not to get that.  However, when my husband came home form work, I saw that he got hot links.  The thing is, this salesman is like a wholesaler.  You don’t just get a few links.  You get about 20.

Two Summer Sausages and Hot Links!

Two Summer Sausages and Hot Links!

So for this night, I will boil then grill the hot links and serve them with grilled onions on a nice roll.  To offset the heat a bit, I will serve the Cucumber Salad with the links.



SMOOTHIE:  Banana Berry Monster Smoothie

Banana Berry Smoothie

Banana Berry Smoothie

DINNER:  new recipe alert!!!  This one looks good and came with the title FOOL-PROOF!  So why not give it a try.  Fool-proof Turkey Meatloaf and I will serve it with Perfect Mashed Sweet Potatoes and maybe some broccoli.




DINNER: A grilling favorite that I haven’t made in FOREVER!!!!  Grilled Chicken Kabobs.  But these aren’t normal chicken kabobs.  Oh no!!!  They are bacon smothered chicken kabobs.  You put the bacon in a food processor then cover the chicken with the yummy bacon bits.  This ensures nice juicy chicken and crispy bacon in nearly every bite!!  For the veggies I just have them sit in a little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper.

Grilled Chicken Kabobs

Grilled Chicken Kabobs



SMOOTHIE: Cinnamon Apple Monster Smoothie

Cinnamon apple smoothie with a touch of whipped cream

Cinnamon apple smoothie with a touch of whipped cream

DINNER: leftovers




DINNER: leftover


With all the baking I have done in the last week or so I don’t know if I will be trying anything new this upcoming week.  It’s been awhile since I experimented with a savory crusty bread but I don’t see one working out with the dinners I have planned.  I know I don’t need anymore cookies or sweets for awhile.  Who knows?  I am sure something will pop up that I just HAVE to make!



2 Responses to "The Best Things In Life"

Thanks for trying my Clafoutis recipe and glad the taste was good…yes, probably a few too many berries but hey, that’s never really a bad thing, right! 🙂

Making the fool proof meatloaf now… although i put it in a loaf pan… oops. I’ll let you know what i think!

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