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Hi Everyone!!!  I am a 30-something year old mother to one precocious boy and an a wife to an equally precocious husband.  I love to read (including teen lit), watch movies and tv and exploring the area around us.  My passion though is Disney.  Anytime I can convince the husband to go to Disneyland, I grab the opportunity.  Most recently, in my spare time, I have been studying the history of Disneyland.  I am only slightly obsessed.

Disneyland Aug 2012

Disneyland Aug 2012

The idea for this blog started via an email.  I must confess, I am a planner. While it drives my husband nuts at times, I know deep down he is grateful.  I really dislike going to the grocery store more than once a week.  To avoid multiple trips,  I make weekly dinner menus.  I am able to write a large grocery list and get the job done.  When a friend of mine was constantly trying to figure out what to make for dinner, I decided to email her my weekly menu plan.  Then it became two friends.  And the email list continued to grow from there.  So I figured if I was making the email, why not share it with ‘everyone.’  That is the primary goal of this blog but I am sure with time, there will be much much more.


My menu planning originally started as part of a weight loss plan.  Most of my adult life I’ve been on that famous weight roller coaster.  Up and down, up-up-up and then down.  My weight started creeping up when I was in college.  The freshman 15 was more like the freshman 30 and then there was more college after that.  Once I graduated, I took a good look and didn’t like what I saw.  Some family and friends at the time were losing weight with Suzzane Somers “Somersizing” which is a version of a low carb diet.  And it worked.  My work in the restaurant business made the eating part of the diet easy; other people were making my food.  For exercise I roller-skated around the neighborhood and did strength training with a workout video of the New York City Ballet’s Workout.  Life was good.  I was able to keep it off for almost two years.

about 3 months into dating my husband

about 3 months into dating my husband

Then I met who would turn out to be my husband.  And we went out, a lot.  A big cheeseburger at 1am after my shift?  Sure!  And why don’t you add some fries with that.  Guess what else comes with all that eating?  Extra pounds.  After we got engaged, I changed professions.  I was no longer on my feet walking 10 hours a day.  However I was still eating out and at all hours of the day.  Instead of losing weight before my wedding, I was gaining it.  In the 18 months between us starting to date an getting married I had gained 30 pounds.

a most wonderful day

a most wonderful day

And I didn’t stop.  In the first 15 months of our marriage I put on another 20 pounds.Yet when I looked in the mirror, I didn’t see a fat person, I was how I felt on the inside.  And for the most part, this is great.  Except I couldn’t see how big I had gotten until I saw the photos.  The best I can remember was that I was close to 210 pounds.

me at my heaviest pre-pregnancy

me at my heaviest pre-pregnancy, appx 210

So as all new year’s resolutions go, in 2006, I wanted to start really trying to lose weight.  I went back to “Somersizing” and working out.  I had a gym membership and I used my ballet workout video and added Hula Workout for Weight Loss.  And again it was working.  I had lost about 20 pounds in the first two months.  Then I stalled.  No weight loss for two weeks.  Turned out I was pregnant.  Did I work out while pregnant? No.  Did I eat healthy while pregnant? No.  Did I eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted?  Why yes I did.  However I got lucky.  I stayed within the healthy weight gain window.  What I did learn was that getting pregnant while overweight will do things to your body that you can never get back.

I still had 5 weeks to go

I still had 5 weeks to go (2006)

For the next few years as a new mom I continued to ride the weight roller coaster.  I tried a variety of things, Somersizing, Flat Belly Diet, self regulating, et.c and it all ended the same— down 20, up 30 and so on and so on.

Florida in 2010

Florida in January 2010

me at my heaviest, December 2010, appx 215 pounds

me at my heaviest, December 2010, appx 215 pounds

Then in 2011 I decided to commit to the Atkins diet.  I did very well for 3-4 months losing 30 pounds.  And this was without working out!  It was awesome.  And I was able to maintain the weight loss for several months.  Then in August I started to work out and figured I needed to add carbs back into my diet.  That translated into eating whatever I wanted, usually overeating, and then gaining 10 pounds back.

June 2011

June 2011

And while weight gain is not necessarily desirable, this is where my success story begins.  In August of 2011 I was watching the season finale of “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition.”  This particular episode featured an overweight lady running the Disneyland Half Marathon.  I had no idea Disney had these races!!  And I thought, “if she can do it, I can do it.”  My attempt at running the previous year failed due to being chased by the same dog on multiple occasions.  But this time would be for DISNEYLAND!!!!  So I made a deal with my husband that if I trained for this, really applied myself, then we would go to Disneyland.  Once the deal was made, I made my way to and read about their spokesman Jeff Galloway and his run-walk-run method.  I learned more form his website directly and began my training on a treadmill we picked up off craigslist.  And that’s when I started to eat whatever I wanted to again.

January 2012

January 2012 on Maui

Flash forward to January 2012 and up 10 pounds again.  (still a struggle for me during the holidays….one day at a time, one year at a time.)  I was headed to Hawaii and I knew something needed to change.  That change needed to be me and my relationship with food.  I would eat when bored and I had no portion control (and something I admit I still struggle with).  I decided once I returned from vacation I would start tracking what I ate and start counting calories as well.  My plan was to cut down to 1500 calories a day.  I bought a journal and for about six weeks I did track my food intake and approximate calories.  Then I joined MyFitnessPal.  I believe I saw a friend on Facebook post about it and checked it out.  This app made tracking my food and exercise SO much easier.    And the app itself will set parameters for your weight loss journey and they set my calories at 1200 a day.  And the best part about the app? You friend people to help you on your journey.  And this is key—supporting one another. (Find me on myfitnesspal and fitbit using

Bay to Breakers 2012

Bay to Breakers    May 2012

The next step in my journey was signing up for events.  First up was Bay to Breakers.  I was able to convince my friend to sign up with me.  I agreed that at a bare minimum we would walk.  Yet soon enough she was doing the run-walk-run and myfitnesspal with me.  From there I signed up to do the Disneyland Half marathon in August and the Wine and Dine Half Marathon in Florida in November.  And while my friend and I were at the expo for Bay To Breakers, we signed up for the Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon in October.  We also through in a Color Run and the Awesome 80’s run for fun.  So with all the money spent on all these races, it was time to get serious and train.

First 5k- Oct. 2011 & Second Half Marathon Oct. 2012

First 5k- Oct. 2011 & Second Half Marathon Oct. 2012

There will be future posts on my thoughts and methods on running and my workout regimen.  The reason I first wanted to run was because it was something I couldn’t do.  And it seemed like such a basic thing for the body to do.  And now I can say I am a runner.  I have had two injuries that I have rehabbed while continuing to train and race.  I have persevered.  I have had such an incredible journey in 2012 with lots of help along the way.  C.B., B.W., J.O.— you have been with me every step of the way both literally and mentally.  CB-you were my inspiration to check into MyFitnessPal EVERY SINGLE DAY.  And eventually it became a habit instead of a chore.  BW—thanks for sharing the miles on the trail and being there.  I think we did so well because we had each other.  Truly there is strength in numbers.  JO—you flew across country for my first half marathon and you kicked ass doing it!!  Thanks for always being there.  A huge thank you to my husband who had to pick up the slack while I was off running and racing and for supporting me through everything.

Water For Elephants Event 2011 & McGraw/Chesney Concert 2012

Water For Elephants 2011 & McGraw/Chesney Concert 2012

This journey is just beginning.  I still want to lose 20 pounds.  And I want to get faster.  My short term goal for this year is to increase my run-walk ratio to a 3:1 and decrease my minutes per mile by a full minute.And while I am still working out my race schedule for this year, I do have a long term goal.  Five years from now, in 2018, I plan to run the Goofy Challenge in Walt Disney World and the Dumbo Double Dare in Disneyland.  Check them out at  It is going to be epic!!!  The journey these next five years to get there will be incredible, of that I am sure.  So come follow me…….and along the way I will help you with what’s for dinner tonight.


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You are so amazing and so inspiring, I’m so blessed that I get to call you a friend!

You are an inspiring young lady and I’m blessed to be part of your family

You are also beautiful and a wonderful wife and mommy!

Way to go Rachelle. Very inspiring.

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