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Every now and again I am going to post an article on Pinterest hits and misses.  These will all be my opinion only.  So any mistakes I made are mine and mine alone.

Those of us who are fans of Pinterest know what it is like.  You see a pin, be it recipe or craft, read the directions and think no problem! That looks so EASY!!!  Only to have it fail, miserably.  Sometimes you succeed beyond your wildest imaginations!!!  And sometimes you may go, “eh…it worked out but not worth the trouble.”

I am a Pinterest addict.  And no, I do not want to seek help for my addiction.  I wear it proudly.  The only problem I find is that there is not nearly enough time (or calories) in the day to make and eat all the food I pin, or all the crafts, or to buy all the outfits.  And that is just the tip of the iceberg.  I thought every once in awhile we could gather here and discuss some pins I have tried.  I am happy to say I have had way more successes than failures.  Most of my failures have been recipes and that could also be attributed to personal taste.  I won’t highlight those.  But other times…like today’s failure, is actually quite easy to laugh at.

I saw this post about skinnytaste’s chocolate covered bananas.  They looked SO good and it was a hot day and these were a skinny version!!!  Win all around.  And they tasted amazing.  They just didn’t look so pretty.

IMG_1292I am not so good at dipping bananas apparently.  Like I said, they didn’t turn out correctly but they still tasted delicious.  Especially on a hot day.


So now on to my first HIT aka success.  I chose this one because it was one of the first pinterest crafts I ever attempted.  This particular craft used to show up on pinterest ALL THE TIME.  Now as Pinterest gets many more users, I see it less and less.  The pin itself states that if you do this to your iPhone/iPod headphones, they will not get tangled.




I get compliments on these all the time.  You might notice some tape at the bottom.  Since I used metallic thread, it didn’t stay in a knot as normal string would have.  I did buy regular string to make my son a pair of these headphones but I have yet to start the project.  For starters, he doesn’t use these kind of headphones.  And secondly, they took FOREVER!!!  Ok, maybe not forever.  It just seemed that way.  It could have been because of the metallic string.  I think it would go quicker if I was using various colors.  I did buy normal string in camouflage colors.  I still plan to do it one day.  And in case you were wondering…no, they do not get tangled on their own.

The success I found in this project gave me the confidence to attempt many others since.  Go get out there….look through your pins….and get crafting!


“If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff.” — Ratatouille

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